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From the Archives:

From Volume 104 No. 1 Spring 2016 Just in! 

From Volume 103 No. 2 Autumn 2015

From Volume 103 No. 1 Spring 2015

  •  Quantum Mechanics and New Perspectives on the Nature of Life by Celso de Araujo Duarte
  •  C. E. M. Joad - Philosophical Treasure or Third Class Socrates? by Richard Symonds
  •  A Closer Look at Nozick's Experience Machine by Brian Jortner
  • Draw?  Sequin on the Hebdo Massacre
  • Doublethink   Stack Two of  philosophical cartoons from the mind-boggling world of Youngjin Kang

  • From Volume 102 No. 2 Autumn 2014 
  • The Russian View of the English  by Yelena Korshunova
  • Man, the Measure of All Things?  Review Article of Peter Hubral's new theory
  • The Curious Fates of Famous Corpses  Review of Bess Lovejoy
  • Mismarketing the Moon?  Review of David Meerman Scott and Richard Jurek
  • Doublethink  A brief introduction to the mind-boggling world of the philosophical cartoons of Youngjin Kang

  • From Volume 102 No. 1 Spring 2014 Twenty First Century Update! 

  • On the Nature of Things by Alvin Yusin
  • Republican Economics by Bryan Blears
  • Review article of The Outer Limits of Reason
  • Portraits of Descartes and our review article of The Philosopher, the Priest and the Painter
  • Secrets of the Seven Seals our review of David and Jennifer Elkington's book: Discovering the Lead Codices

  • From Volume 101 No. 2 Autumn 2013

  • The Philosophical Donkey (L’Âne Philosophe) by Jean-Michel Henny
  • Two Belgian Fables - From the Age of Absurdity by Frank Adam
  • Fables: The Matrix of Modern Storytelling by Frank Hellemans
  • Review article of Language - Surfaces and Essences

  • Centenary Special 1913-2012

    From Volume 101 No. 1 Spring 2013  •  About the Centnary Conference 
  • Philosophy in the Twentieth Century: How the Wider World Impinged by Richard Norman
  • 100 Years of Philosophy by George MacDonald Ross
  • Revisiting Aristotle's Noun by Thomas Scarborough

  • From Volume 100 Nos. 1 and 2 Spring and Autumn 2012

  • Belief in God and Belief in the Existence of God by Yahya Haidar
  • Great Philosophers - and their Starsigns by Mark Shulgasser and Martin Cohen
  • Chimpanzee Paintings and the concept of Art? by John Valentine
  • The Fifth Fundamental Force? by James McBride
  • Secularisation and belief: a Mexican case study by Pablo Lazo Briones
  • Courting the Impossible by Andrew Porter
  •   Click here to find out more about the Centenary Conference

    From Volume LXXXXIX No. 2 Autumn 2011

  • The Tao: Modern Pathway to Ancient Wisdom by Peter Hubral
  • A Future without Science? by Ian Kidd
  • What do we get from the Empirical Study of Religion? by Zenon Stavrinides
  • Review article on Darwinitis and Neuromania by Martin Cohen
  • Deconstructing Nietzsche Two new books offer very different perspectives on one of the great iconoclasts of philosophy

  • From Volume LXXXXIX No. 1 Spring 2011
  • Plato's Cave and the Bicameral Brain by Jim Danaher
  • Review article on The digging up of Socrates' Cup of Hemlock by Peter Hubral
  • The Bankers' Ramp: Risk, social justice and elusive reforms of Financial Markets by Desmond Cohen

  • From Volume LXXXXVIII No. 2 Autumn 2010

  • The Paradox Principle by Red Rachtagáin
  • Apologies: on the Philosophy of Asking Forgiveness by Michael Bavidge
  • Climate Change, bad arguments, and the curse of computers -  Review article by Martin Cohen

  • From Volume LXXXXVIII No. 1 Spring 2010
  • A Presentation of Critical Philosophical Anarchism by Magda Egoumenides
  • Hume, Scepticism and the role of chance in reasoning by Paul Healey
  • Review of What's Wrong with Science? by Nicolas Maxwell
  • Review of Animalkind: What we owe to animals by Jean Kazez

  • From Volume LXXXXVII No. 2 Autumn 2009
  • Being Part of a Whole: the possibility of intimacy byJane O'Grady
  • Timothy L. S. Sprigge - The Last Idealist? by Leemon McHenry
  • A Religion for Philosophers or a Philosophy for the Religious? - by Brenda Almond 
  • Review of The Re-enchantment of the World ed. J. Landy and M. Saler

  • From Volume LXXXXVII No. 1 Spring 2009
  • Being Liberal in a Plural World byNamit Arora
  • Why is The Problem of Evil a Problem? by Ben Gibran 
  • The Empirical Foundations for Individual Rights - Byron Hall
  • Great Philosophers? - Part two of our review of recent compendiums of well, 'eminent' philosophers

  • From Volume LXXXXVI No. 2 Autumn 2008
  • The Cultural Sublime  by Rob Leurs
  • In Defence of Martin Heidegger  by Robert Lewis
  • Appreciation: Enduring Optimism: Jacob Bronowski  by Anthony James
  • The Bones of Buddha: Six Aphorisms by Joseph Reich

  • From Volume LXXXXVI No. 1 Spring 2008 

  • Philosophy in Schools  by Martin Cohen and Lisa Naylor
  • Perception, Physics and the Role of Light in Philosophy by Manoj Thulasidas

  • From Volume LXXXXV No. 2 Autumn 2007

  • The Social and Ethical Challenge of Body Dysmorphia by Simon Woods
  • Review of Praised be our Lords : A political education by Regis Debray

  • From Volume LXXXXV No. 1 Spring 2007

  • Propos #2063, Too Long! - in a salute to Alain (first of a series)
  • The Mystery of Plato's Parmenides  by Kelsey Wood
  • Delusive Sensibility in Nietzsche's Philosophy by Zura Shiolashvili

  • From Volume LXXXXIIII No. 1 Bumper Summer Issue  2006
  • The Sage of Unbelief: George Eliot and Unorthodox Choices  by Susan Frome
  • On God and Genetic Engineering by Neville Fletcher
  • On Scanlon Plans and Picturish by Ted Falconar
  • Reading the Opium Grower's Gazette by Martin Rowson

  • From Volume LXXXXIII No. 2 Winter 2005
  • What is Wrong with the Second Person? by Mike Bavidge
  • Poetry and the Science of Mind by James Aitchison
  • The 'Three in the Morning' Advice review article by Martin Cohen

  • From Volume LXXXXIII No. 1 Spring 2005
  • Russian Special issue with an introduction by Dmitry Olshansky
  • Art as Philosophy of Healing by Anna Zahavaeva
  • Vice by Vladimir Krasikov

  • From Volume LXXXXII No. 2 Autumn 2004

    From Volume LXXXXII No. 1 Spring 2004

    From Volume LXXXXI No. 2 Autumn 2003

    From Volume LXXXXI No. 1 Spring 2003

    From Volume LXXXX No. 2 Autumn 2002

    From Volume LXXXX No. 1 Spring 2002

    From Volume LXXXIX No. 2 Autumn 2001

    From Volume LXXXIX No. 1 Spring 2001

    From Volume LXXXVIII No. 2 Autumn 2000

    From Volume LXXXVIII No. 1 Special History Issue

    From Volume LXXXVII No. 2

    From Volume LXXXVII No. 1

    From Volume LXXXVI No. 2

    From Volume LXXXVI No. 1

    From Volume LXXXV No.2

    From Volume LXXXIV No. 1

    From Volume LXXXIII No.2



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